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Welcome to the Liutaio Mottola Lutherie Information Website, the college of lutherie knowledge. The site contains a wealth of information of interest to guitarmakers, violin makers, and other luthiers. Lutherie is the process of building stringed musical instruments. This site contains a collection of resources on the subject of designing and building plucked stringed musical instruments, from R.M. Mottola at Liutaio Mottola, nonprofit provider of design, research and educational resources to the lutherie community. Information here will be of interest mostly to guitarmakers. The focus in these pages is on electric and acoustic guitars and basses, and includes information on design, construction, acoustics, and ergonomics of stringed instruments. The approach is technical but most of the content is intended to be accessible to readers with non-technical backgrounds. There is information here that should be of interest to folks who want to get started in any aspect of lutherie as well as for more experienced designers, builders and researchers. The site includes free guitar and bass plans, step-by-step instructions for building many of the components of guitars and basses, reprints of some of the author’s previously published papers, a list of recommended books and other info for first-timers, and links to other high content Internet resources for luthiers. The browse box to the right will take you to the major areas of the site.